Gabit Bazar

Gabit B.

Gabit Bazar is the Co-founder and Chairman of Infinite Solutions LLC, a global Information & technology solutions provider headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Infinite Solutions encompasses a variety of fields including financial technology, enterprise solutions, blockchain, investment, and innovation.

Gabit is an alumnus of Stanford University majoring in Management Science and Engineering. His primary expertise includes global entrepreneurial strategy, software architecture, technology, and sustainable product development. Gabit currently invests most of his time in FinTech, Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, Web 3.0 and Scalable IT Education not only in Mongolia but across the different regions such as the US, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

In conjunction with these investments in order to scale IT professionals in his home country Mongolia, Gabit co-founded Nest IT School a Pre-K through 12 school to teach kids coding and programming from a young age. As of recently, this educational pursuit has expanded into introducing the “National Institute of Technology” an Innovation and Tech University. These educational pursuits give the opportunity for everyone of all age levels and groups to pursue IT whether that be in primary, secondary or tertiary levels.

Over the last years Gabit and his team is actively pursuing to build Asia's Silicon Valley called, Mongol Valley (located in near the capital city, Ulaanbaatar) where they will bring their new National Institute of Technology and all other startup ecosystems concentrating in AI Machine Learning, Blockchain, FinTech, Web 3.0 and Gaming. During this pursuit, the Government of Mongolia, in particular the Ministry of Digital Development and Working group of Innovation and Technology, appointed Gabit as one of their Ambassadors. Their vision is to make Mongol Valley an Economic Special Zone.

Gabit and his partners willingly took up the challenge of developing such a young, up and coming industry in Mongolia 15 years ago from ground zero and created a company that has in many ways shaped Mongolia's tech industry as a whole today.